Jamie Recommends: How to Smash Your Wellbeing Goals

Ready for a little spring-time boost? Our monthly columnist shares his seven wellbeing tips to help you feel happier and healthier (and make wiser food choices too)

We’re making good headway into 2017 – question is, how many of us are still nailing our new year resolutions? I’m sure for most of us that the likes of ‘healthier living’, ‘exercise more’, ‘eat better’ were high on our agendas in January.For me personally, I’ve discovered that eating better, doing yoga and slowing down has actually made me feel so much happier. Here’s how I’ve done it – and you can do it too.

Cleaner eating: 
By aiming to eat whole foods (no artificial preservatives, colouring, flavouring, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats) 90% of the time, it means I’m now eating much healthier foods, naturally. They’re delicious and it’s great fuel for both your body and mind.






Healthy grazing: 
When I want a snack, I choose seeds, nuts or a banana. Find your ‘good food’ snacks and make sure you always have them with you. This will save you from overindulging, and stop you making the wrong food choices.






Treat time: 
Dark chocolate covered rice cakes or chocolate covered raisins have become my go-to treats. Figure out what’s your favourite – and when you eat it, enjoy it without guilt. It’s your treat time.







Understanding myself more: 
Yoga has helped me realise that I tend to eat more when I’m bored, angry or stressed. Work out what your food triggers are, address them and own them.







Mindful munching: 
Eating at the table with friends and family members means eating slower, and in a more relaxed fashion. Try it for yourself. Or even if you’re eating solo, take your time whilst eating your food and savour the moment.






Start your day right: 
My favourite kick-start is a bowl of healthy porridge, made with almond milk, scattered with walnuts and drizzled with honey – I feel like a winner from the start of the day. This is a super easy dish to prepare, so there’s no excuses.






Keep motivated with a friend:

I’m lucky enough to have a partner with the same healthy-eating ambitions and wellbeing goals as me – so find a friend or a buddy at work with goals similar to yours.

Keep up the good work everyone, and always keep your goals in mind. Remember, don’t stretch yourself too far – and – you WILL succeed.

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